1. Ticket price seems expensive… What’s included?

We’ve done everything in our power to negotiate the best rates with MSC possible and still make it affordable with the additional We Love Summer touches and entertainment.

There will be something to do almost 24/7. Dj’s all day and night. 2 night accommodation. Food throughout the day. And the best cruise experience you’ll get 😉

2. Can I pay in Payment Installments?

Yes! We’ve made paying easy by registering with Mobicred at checkout. Pay off in easy installments, but secure your spot today.

This WILL sell out.

3. How does the entertainment work?

There will be multiple stages hosted by We Love Summer and some of your favourite South African party brands. This is all included in the ticket price.

4. When can I make a reservation?

All rooms are sold on a first come, first served basis. We encourage you to be ready to book right away so you don’t miss out!

5. Is There An Age Restriction?

This event is strictly 21 and up.

6. Can I be contacted at sea?

All Cruise Ships in the MSC fleet have a Satellite telephone on-board. This service is VERY expensive and should be used for emergencies only.

7. What are the most important things to take with me?

The most important things to take with you are your cruise tickets, any travel documents required, spending money, camera, sun screen and any essential medication that you require.

8. How much luggage can we take on-board?


Checked luggage: There is no weight restriction for cruising, however to avoid delays, each Passenger (adult & child) is permitted only 1 (one) bag as checked luggage on Cruises of 4 (four) nights and less. 1 (one) bag per Passenger will be accepted free of charge; any additional bags will be transported subject to space availability and at $25 (twenty five US dollars) per bag (converted into USD at the actual exchange rate) and added to the Passenger’s onboard account. We recommend that Passengers take smaller bags so as not to clutter the Cabin area where space is limited.

Carry-on Luggage: Passengers on Cruises of 4 (four) nights and less can carry on 1 (one) small bag each. Carry-on luggage may not exceed 126 cm in combined length; width and height, including any handles and wheels (length of 56 cm, width of 40 cm, depth of 25 cm).

Please label your luggage very clearly with your Name / Surname and Cabin Number BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL AT THE CRUISE TERMINAL.

Labels must be fixed to all of your main luggage items as you will be handing them over during check-in. Please ensure that all bags are securely locked and that NO VALUABLES OR BREAKABLES HAVE BEEN INCLUDED INYOUR CHECKED LUGGAGE.

Safety and Security of Luggage: Please do not put any valuable or fragile items in your main/checked in luggage.

9. How do I make sure I don’t “miss the boat”?

All Passengers must embark at least 3 (three) hours prior to sailing, please check the embarkation times on your tickets to ensure that you embark timeously.

Please note that check-in closes promptly 1.5 hours before sailing.

10. How do dinner sittings work?

On most cruises, there are two sittings for dinner. An alternative Casual Dining Buffet is available for groups or Passengers who prefer more casual dining. Please check onboard as to which restaurant will be serving the Casual Dining Buffet (generally served from 18h00-20h15). Dining room tables accommodate 8, 6, 4 diners, and so Passengers are assigned to dining tables and times to be seated with fellow Passengers – no private dining is available. Tables are assigned for the duration of the Cruise.

11. Do you cater for special dietary needs?

  • A vegetarian choice is served at each mealtime.
  • The ships galleys have structural limits which cannot be modified, therefore all food is prepared in the same kitchen. However, we do confirm that all Halaal food is kept completely separate from all the other foods.

Please note that at the time of making your booking, passengers are to advise the agents of any special requests such as Halaal and Gluten-Free Meals.

Kosher meals are catered at an additional cost per meal and must be ordered at least 14 (fourteen) days prior to sailing.

It is important to advise MSC of food intolerances; diabetic requirements etc. at least 30 days prior to sailing by completing and submitting the Special Needs form to the Sales Agent handling your Cruise Booking. MSC Cruises cannot be held responsible for providing Special dietary needs onboard where special dietary requirements have not been advised to MSC on the required document at least 30 (thirty) days before sailing.

12. Can we take liquor on board?

In keeping with the policies adopted by cruise lines throughout the world, personal supplies of alcohol will be confiscated if found in Passengers’ luggage or if observed in Passengers’ cabins. Luggage will be thoroughly searched before embarkation. No exceptions will be permitted. Liquor purchased onboard at the duty free will be held until disembarkation.

13. Can we take food on board?

MSC follows the most rigid procedures to ensure food safety. For this reason and to prevent the introduction of food borne illness, Passengers and crew may not bring on board any beverage or food items.

14. What beverages, if any are included and are available 24 hours

Ice; cold water;  hot water; American coffee (by dispenser only); decaffeinated coffee & selection of teas (at dispenser area).

Breakfast Buffet: Ice, cold water; hot water; American coffee by dispenser; concentrated juices; instant coffee; decaffeinated coffee; tea; milk.

Breakfast Dining Room: Products offered as per “Dining room breakfast menu”: Selection of teas and infusions; American coffee; decaffeinated coffee; instant coffee; hot chocolate; whole or semi-skimmed milk; fruit juices.

Lunch Buffet: Ice; cold water; hot water; America coffee by dispenser; decaffeinated coffee; instant coffee; tea; milk.

Lunch Dining Room: No free beverage service.

15. What if I have reduced Mobility?

All decks and public areas and tenders (not PTB’s) are designed to be as accessible as possible for Passengers with reduced mobility.

16. What time will we have access to our cabins on embarkation day?

Cabins will be ready at 13h00 on the day of embarkation. We recommend you carry on a small bag with a change of clothing, swimming costume, and so forth, so that you can begin to relax at the pool before your Cabin is available, or you have received your checked luggage in your cabin.

17. Can my family and friends come on board to see me off?

Regrettably, no visitors are allowed past security control in the Passenger Terminal. The Ship security staff is always present during embarkation and disembarkation and follow international security regulations in the monitoring of Passengers and baggage. Our security is your security!

18. What about Parking at Cape Town Port?

Parking facilities are not available at Duncan Dock. Parking at the Clock Tower area is also no longer available. Secure parking is available at Portswood Square and Breakwater at the V&A Waterfront.These are however situated on the opposite side of the Waterfront and are not walking distance to Duncan Dock. Parking rates are determined by the car park rates. Drop and go is therefore recommended at the Cape Town port or you can make use of Uber.

19. How do I get from Cape Town Airport to the harbor and back?

There is a continuous shuttle transfer service between Cape Town Airport and the Port when the ship is in harbour. Give yourself peace of mind by pre-booking your return shuttle transfers on the MSC website by logging in to your MYMSC profile and adding these shuttle transfers to your booking, or by calling our Sales Offices to book. (Prices available on the website www.msccruises.co.za).

20. How do I get between the Airport or Hotels in Cape Town and the port and back?

We have negotiated Private Transfer Rates valid only for bookings made through us for the Southern Sun Waterfront. Airport/hotel transfers are able to be booked. Private transfers will depart the hotel for the Port at 11h00.

For the return, the shuttle will depart the port at 10h00 for the Hotel. Must be pre-booked at the time of Reservation. (Prices will be quoted together with the hotel rates at the time of booking)

21. Are we able to have Lunch on the day of embarkation and Breakfast on Disembarkation day?

Lunch is served on the day of embarkation and Passengers embarking by 12h00 are able to enjoy lunch on-board on that day.

Breakfast is served on the morning of disembarkation from 06h00.

All Passengers are required to vacate their cabins by 06h30 on the morning of arrival back into the Port.

22. Is the General Emergency Drill compulsory?

A General Emergency Drill for all Passengers and crew will be held before the Ship sets sail. Your attendance is compulsory according to International Safety Laws. Please listen very carefully to all of the announcements and read the emergency instructions posted behind the Cabin door. During the Emergency Drill all the Cruise Ship’s services will be closed

23. Are there regulations in respect of purchasing alcoholic beverages on board?

You may purchase alcoholic beverages onboard the cruise ship. MSC shall not sell any alcoholic beverage to a Minor during the cruise. MSC may refuse to serve you an alcoholic beverage if in MSC’s opinion you may be a danger and/or nuisance to yourself or other Passengers on the Cruise Ship.

24. Can I purchase pre-paid packages prior to boarding the ship for beverages, etc.

Beverage vouchers are available for purchasing beverages on-board. Please note that if you elect to purchase such vouchers, they expire 3 (three) years after the date of purchase and may not at any time be redeemed for cash and are non-transferable and non- refundable. These packages can only be purchased up to 3 (three) days prior to departure.

25. How can I stay in touch with friends and family back home.

Mobile phone

Mobile phones rely on a signal received from cell phone towers, thus cell phones have no signal at sea. The occasional signal is picked up while cruising along the coast. Many foreign ports do have signal, but your phone will need to be enabled for the international roaming so please consult your service provider before you leave.

Onboard communication facilities

Internet facilities are available on board at a charge. We suggest you stay connected by purchasing a pre-paid internet package either in the MYMSC area on their website (Pre-paid packages) or by calling their call centre.

26. How much money do we need?

Meals and entertainment are included in your cruise fare. You will need spending money for drinks (15% bar service charge is levied on all bar and on all restaurant bills); Duty Free Shopping, Photos, Arcade games, Gambling (including Bingo); Laundry, Beauty Salon, Spa and any optional shore excursions you would like to book. All prices onboard are in Euros on Cruises Southbound from Europe to S.A. and in US Dollars on all cruises in and around S.A. and from S.A. back to Europe.

27. What is a Cruise Card?

Every Passenger (including children) will receive a personalized Cruise Card which is required to be shown to the Security personnel at the gangway to be permitted to go ashore or return to the Ship.This card is also your personal ID card, your cabin key and your “cruise credit card” during your holiday. Please note under our new MSC Voyagers Club Programme your cruise card also becomes your membership card for the MSC Voyagers Club.

28. How do I activate my Cruise card using my Bank Credit Cards?

IMPORTANT – You must register

You must register your credit card at one of the Cruise Card Activation Points (CCAP) onboard. This can be done at any time from embarkation until 11pm on the night of embarkation, although your cruise card is active from the minute you board.

MSC accepts Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Diners and American Express. It is also possible to use a debit card to make a deposit on your cruise card, or leave a cash deposit at Reception/Guest Services onboard.

An itemized statement will be sent to your cabin at the end of the cruise, and you may check your account at any time during the cruise. Remember that if you pay by credit card you can enjoy the speed and simplicity of our express.

checkout prior to disembarkation. It is very important that when using a debit card or cash, that any credit left on your cruise card is requested to be refunded at the Reception onboard before disembarkation as this cannot be processed from the shoreside office.

The CREDIT CARD on-line system will request an initial pre-authorization of USD 150 (the currency in force onboard) (Euros on Ships sailing from Europe to S.A.).The online system will then automatically ask for incremental USD 100 single authorization as soon as your expenses exceed the amount of the pre- authorization.

On the night before disembarkation 2 copies of your onboard bill will be delivered to your cabin. You will be required to verify and sign only 1 copy of the bill that you will receive in your cabin, and deliver that signed copy to the reception desk before disembarking the ship. The 2nd copy will be your Passenger copy to take with you. It is important to note that the pre- authorization is only an estimate of the amount that could be utilized during your time onboard. This pre-authorization is not an actual debit and the amount is BLOCKED on your credit card for the period of 7-20 working days after your disembarkation.After this period has lapsed your bank automatically releases the pre-authorized amount.The only amount actually debited to your credit card will be the amount that corresponds with the invoice signed prior to disembarkation.

29. Cruise Card / How do we pay for goods and services?

The cruise card eliminates the need to carry cash onboard, giving you “swipe- and-sign” access to all onboard products and services and is also your personal ID card, your cabin key and your “cruise credit card” during your holiday.

Do not lose this card! In the event that you do misplace your card, you must proceed to Reception as soon as possible to have it replaced and to have your old card voided to avoid possible unauthorized charges being made to the card. On request, any cards (for a family for example) can be linked to a master account.

30. How do I pay my expenses onboard using my cruise card?

The cruise card eliminates the need to carry cash onboard, giving you “swipe- and-sign” access to all onboard expenses, products and services. You are required to activate your cruise card/s (only 1 member per family need do this) once you have embarked the ship.

This then opens up your onboard account and your cruise card can be used for onboard purchases. For all onboard purchases, you will present your cruise card and sign for these purchases which will then be added to your onboard bill to be settled in full on the night prior to arrival back in the port at the end of your cruise. It is important to note that it is required that you activate your cruise card before 11pm on the night of embarkation.

Limited purchases will be permitted until embarkation and you enough time to activate your cruise card.

If you have a cash balance, please make sure that you collect it on- board as this cannot be reimbursed after you have disembarked.

31. Are there ATMs (Automatic teller machines) onboard?

There are no ATMs on board the Ships or in the Ports. It is therefore important that if you wish to draw cash that you do so prior to arriving at the Port and/or embarking the Ship.

32. Is there a bank on board?

The Accounting office does not work as a bank. Small amounts of European currencies can be changed on board at the Accounting Office – commission charges apply. Credits on your cruise card may not be “cashed out” during the cruise. Any credits on your cruise card are paid back only at the end of the cruise when each guest settles their onboard bill.

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